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Are you suffering with back or neck pain? Stop suffering and start living

Our mission is to provide a non-surgical, drug-free solution to patients suffering with severe and chronic pain. We strive to resolve the root cause, rather than just cover up the symptoms. Our focus is on back and neck pain, pinched nerves, disc herniation, foraminal stenosis, discogenic neuropathy along with numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. We utilize some of the most advanced procedures available to help patients avoid endless medications, injections, and surgeries, allowing them to return to their pain free, active lifestyles.

Did you know that.....

4 out of 5 Americans believe their pain is just a part of getting older...

Pain is something we all experience in life, but pain is NOT Normal. Just living with it or getting used to it is not the answer. Prolonged exposure to pain can, if long enough can lead to depression, with patients not even being aware of it.

Do you feel like pain is controlling your life? Is it interfering with your ability to exercise, work, or sleep? We can help. Schedule an appointment today.

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Skydiving chiropractor avoided serious injury jumping from planes, now helps others in pain - April 2018

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