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Miami Spine Center Patient Testimonials

Our wonderful patients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied patient, too!

Miami Spine Center Patient

I suffered with knee pain for 40 years. I was treated by orthopedists and physical therapists at intervals, but it all provided little in the way of relief. I was told that knee surgery was in my future.

I decided to try chiropractic. Dr. Kevin Reiseck of the Miami Spine Center treated me and within six visits, I experienced almost total freedom from knee pain. His treatment is nonintrusive and painless. His office staff is kind, helpful and devoted to their patients. Each visit is pleasant and enjoyable. I am amazed at the improvement in my quality of life. I can spend the day at the zoo with my granddaughters and easily keep up with them. I am so glad to have avoided surgery and to have my life back. I am delighted I discovered Dr. Reiseck and all he has to offer.

— Elaine

Miami Spine Center Patient

Dr. Kevin is incredibly thoughtful, knowledgable, and kind. My spine has healed tremendously since starting treatment with him. Constant headaches are nearly gone and my lower back pain has almost ceased.

— Kayla L., Miami FL

Miami Spine Center Patient

I loved how the Dr. Reiseck took care of me. He answered all my questions.

- Cathy G. - Miami, FL

Miami Spine Center Patient

It was nice to be in good energy. Many health places now a days are obviously all about the cash. we all work for our money, but when you put a person’s emotions first, it definitely makes any business feel like a second home.

- Rudy P.

Miami Spine Center Patient

Incredible experience, energetic place, lovely staff and caring doctors. Best health care office I have been in.

— Nury Jazmin C.

Miami Spine Center Patient

Doctors were amazing ... they do whatever they think will help you, even if it’s not entirely covered on the offer.

- Cynthia G.

Miami Spine Center Patient

Doctor & personnel treated me like a star. Couldn't be any happier. I highly recommend Miami Spine Center. You will be glad you went.

- Patient

Note: Patient Testimonials are actual patients. The statements made by them are based solely on their personal experiences and views and are not endorsed by Miami Spine Center. Actual results may vary from patient to patient.

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